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Besides their other significant health benefits, such as reducing your risk of sudden cardiac death by up to 80 percent, the Omega‑3 fatty acids may significantly lower your triglycerides and reduce inflammation.

Omega‑3 fatty acids may significantly lower your triglycerides and reduce inflammation.

I recommend the Nordic Naturals Omega-3 fish oil capsules (I have no financial relationship with this company). They remove the dioxin, PCB’s, and mercury that are often found in fish. For those who are vegan, I recommend those made from plankton (which provide the Omega-3’s found in fish).  There are several good brands, including Opti3 which includes both DHA and EPA. 

Note: Dr. Ornish writes in his Spectrum book:

However, like many wonderful things in life, there is also a dark side to the omega‑3 fatty acids. A recent British Medical Journal analysis of nearly 100 studies of omega‑3 fatty acids found mixed benefits. In most people they were beneficial, but not in everyone. Some people actually got worse.

When Dr. Leaf  first learned of these puzzling findings, he thought they were a little, well, fishy.  But, after reviewing the data from his studies and others, and communicating with other investigators, he identified a subgroup of people who actually got worse when they consumed omega‑3 fatty acids: those with congestive heart failure or chronic recurrent angina (chest pain) due to insufficient blood flow to their heart. Dr. Leaf wrote in the scientific journal, Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology, “Any patient with an advanced state of impaired cardiac function should not be prescribed fish oil fatty acids or be urged to eat fish.” As he told me in a telephone conversation, “For these people, it may kill them.”


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