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Beebe Healthcare, a not-for-profit community healthcare system with a charitable mission to encourage healthy living, prevent illness, and restore optimal health for the people residing, working, or visiting the Southern Delaware region, will now start to offer the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program (Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation).

“The human body is an amazing thing and it has the ability to heal itself.”

“The human body is an amazing thing and it has the ability to heal itself,”  Lindsay Schmidt, senior regional representative of the Ornish Program, told reporter Melissa Steele. She writes:

.. the Ornish Program is the result of decades of work to reduce heart disease through exercise, healthy eating and stress management. Schmidt said 30 years of research back the program developed by Dr. Dean Ornish. Studies have shown severe heart disease can be reversed by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle, which can decrease blockage in arteries without the need for drugs or surgery. After a year, adherence to the program reverses heart disease and even more improvement is achieved after five years, program literature states. The program focuses on four areas: diet, managing stress, support and physical activity. Switching to a whole food, plant-based diet is a key part of the program, Schmidt said.

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