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Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC interviewed Dr. Dean Ornish on Hillary Clinton’s bout with pneumonia just 60 days before the election.

“I think this whole thing has really been overblown.” – Dr. Dean Ornish

“How serious is this health issue?” Ruhle asks.

“Who else on the planet would have become national news when they get pneumonia, which is something that is so easily treatable and completely understandable given the pressures of the campaign,” he responded.

When Ruhle pressed on the reason why Clinton may have gotten sick (i.e dehydration) Ornish says:

“I think this whole thing has really been overblown. It’s not the kind of thing that’s going to make a difference in the kind of president she is. It doesn’t keep me up at night,” he continues. “In contrast Donald Trump said he wants to be known as the first fast food president. That would make me much more concerned about what would happen to him in the White House if he were to win than a bout of pneumonia that’s easily treatable by antibiotics.”

Watch the whole interview here.



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