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On April 21st, Dr. Dean Ornish joined Vinod Khosla, founder of Sun MicroSystems and Principal of Khosla Ventures in conversation at the one of a series of Arc Fusion dinners, which combine the “underground dinner” movement with arts offerings, fascinating guests, and brief Fusion Talks. Arc Fusion is a new organization, founded by author and journalist David Ewing Duncan to “help shape and lead the convergence, or “fusion,” of biomedicine with information technologies and big data.”

Medicine needs to work on a deeper level than the physical.

Here’s a snippet of their conversation:

Khosla: The placebo effect proves there will be a role for humans in the next 100 years of medicine. In the future, I’ll prefer a doctor with a high EQ vs IQ!

Dr. Ornish: The #1 prescribed medication is antidepressants, which indicates that medicine needs to work on a deeper level than the physical if we’re to effectively treat the leading sources of illness v. wellness. We have to address issues of meaning and purpose and depression.

Watch the full video of the talk here.


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