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In this interview with Maria Bartiromo, Dr. Dean Ornish discusses the key elements that will help us stay healthy, prevent diseases, and lower healthcare costs.

 “We can make better care available to more people at lower costs, and the only side effects are good ones.”

Bartiromo notes:

When you look at the $3 Trillion in annual US healthcare costs, more than 86% of those are from chronic diseases, diseases that you can prevent.

Dr. Dean Ornish says:

What you eat, how much you exercise, and how much love and support you have in your life, and how you manage stress, all of them are important. We tend to think of advances in medicine as high tech, but we’re finding that these simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference not only in how long we live, but in how well we live. This includes a:

  • 93% reduced risk of diabetes
  • 81% lower risk of heart attack
  • 50% reduction in the risk of stroke
  • 36% overall reduction in the risk of cancer

Dr. Ornish adds:

In our 38 years of research, we’ve shown that these changes can even reverse coronary heart disease, can slow, stop and even reverse the progression of early stage prostate cancer, can reverse type 2 diabetes, turning on the good genes and turning off the genes that cause prostate, breast, and colon cancer.

And most recently we’ve found that we can even reverse aging at a cellular level by lengthening the telemeres at the end of our chromosomes that control aging. If we’re going to deal with the $3 trillion dollars that we spend every year on healthcare, which is mostly sick care, and if 86% is for chronic diseases that can can largely be prevented, then we can make better care available to more people at lower costs, and the only side effects are good ones.

Watch the full interview here.

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