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In an interview at the 2014 Milken Global Conference, Dr. Ornish joins a panel that includes Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, the former FDA Commissioner and Dr. Manny Alverez, the Senior Managing Editor of Foxhealthnews.com, to discuss everything from how science and technology are changing healthcare to the recent CDC report that vaccines can save hundred of thousands of lives to the growing importance of preventative medicine.

We’re trying to create a new paradigm of healthcare, rather than sick care, and it’s working.

The Fox News reporter asks Dr. Ornish how he is contributing to preventative medicine.

As you know, three quarters of the $2.8 trillion that we spend on healthcare, which is predominantly sick care, is for chronic diseases that can be prevented, or often reversed, through simply changing diet and lifestyle. The idea of lifestyle as treatment, or lifestyle as medicine, is a new one for most people. But we were able to show for the first time that these simple changes in diet and lifestyle, like what you eat, how you respond to stress, how much exercise you get and how much love and support you have, can not only help prevent, but can even reverse, heart disease. We found we can slow, stop, or even reverse, the  progression of early stage prostate cancer. When you change your lifestyle, it changes your genes, and it turns on hundreds of good genes that will protect you and turns off the genes that cause prostate, breast and colon cancer. And most recently, we published a study with Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn showing we can lengthen telomeres by simply changing lifestyle. These are the ends of our chromosomes that control aging. We can actually begin to reverse aging at a cellular level. Because of that Medicare is now covering our program for reversing heart disease. Through a company called Healthways, we’ve trained Beth Israel in New York, the Cleveland Clinic, Wellpoint and most other insurance companies are now following Medicare’s lead. So we’re trying to create a new paradigm of healthcare rather than sick care and it’s working.

Watch the full interview here.

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