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Please remember that your physician wants what is best for you, but most doctors receive very little training—if any—in medical school about nutrition, exercise, stress management, or social support. And they often have little time to consult with their patients about how to change their lifestyle, and so they may believe that most patients are unwilling to make meaningful changes.

Most doctors receive very little training—if any—about nutrition, exercise, stress management, or social support.

Helping Your Doctor Become Ornish-friendly

So, you might start by sharing our research findings with your doctor. Ask him or her to monitor your condition. In many cases, people improve so much that their doctors are able to reduce or even discontinue medications. As you improve, your doctor may become increasingly interested in learning more about the lifestyle changes you’re making. You may inspire your doctor!

In those rare cases where the doctor is actually hostile to the idea of making lifestyle changes, then you might consider asking for a referral to one who is more open to these approaches.

Finally, we are rapidly training physicians and other health care professionals around the country in providing our program. Medicare and many health insurance plans are covering our program, so please check our web site for a listing of certified programs and practitioners.

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