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Last weekend, St. Dominic’s very first cohort (now Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program Alums) participated in the Magnolia Meltdown 5K, a race to support the St. Dominic Community Health Clinic.

Along with some members of the program delivery team, past participants walked the 5K while others cheered them on.

“It was about so much more than the physical exercise,”said Kevin Carter, a 1st cohort member.  “It was about our alumni group coming together again. It was just as much a 5K group support session as a walk.”

“Great Program,” said Mike Howard, another participant. “I wish I had started this earlier. I have lost 30 lbs and feel better than I ever have. Absolutely the best staff I have ever had the privilege to be with.”

Congratulations to St. Dominic Community Health Clinic’s 1st cohort!  You’ve experienced the power of the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program for several weeks and now have the tools to make a lasting change in your life.  Take a moment to reflect on just how far you have come.

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Editorial Director

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