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U.S. News & World Report announced that a panel of independent experts in nutrition rated “The Ornish Diet” as “#1 for Heart Health” for the seventh year in a row (i.e., every year they have been rating diets). 

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine remains the number one Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation program in the country

The Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program,  now part of Sharecare, is supported by nearly 40 years of rigorous clinical studies by Dean Ornish, M.D. and colleagues (www.ornish.com).  It addresses the root causes of heart disease by using comprehensive lifestyle changes

The independent panel of experts in diet, nutrition, obesity, food psychology, diabetes and heart disease reviewed information on 38 diet plans, scoring each in nine categories: overall, weight-loss, fast weight loss, easiest to follow, diabetes, healthy eating, heart disease, and plant-based.

Dr. Ornish’s whole foods plant-based nutrition plan is naturally low in both fat and refined carbohydrates as well as low in animal protein. The transformational Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program also includes an overall wellness plan that prescribes yoga and meditation for stress managementexercise, and group support. The program remains the number one Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation program in the country.

“I hope this will increase awareness of the power of lifestyle changes to reverse and prevent heart disease and many other chronic diseases,” said Dr. Ornish. “While the science is complex, our application of it is both straightforward and practical: eat well, stress less, move more, and love more; and the more closely people follow our program, the more they improve—at any age.”

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